Setting up 360proxy in Indigo

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To set up 360Proxy in Indigo, the process is really simple:

  1. First, log in to your 360Proxy account, select the residential proxy and click "Use Now".

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  2. There are 2 methods to set up the proxy here: username and password verification and IP whitelist.

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  3. Filter countries and cities here. Select the host port and session type. Edit your username and password information.

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  4. Select the generated proxy format and quantity here, and finally click Generate to generate the proxy.

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  5. You can copy or download according to your needs.

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  6. Open the Indigo client and click "New".

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  7. Select the type of proxy you want. 360Proxy supports HTTP proxy and Socks5 proxy.

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  8. Paste the proxy information copied in step 4 into "IP Address".

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    Check the proxy. A successful connection indicates that the proxy is available. Finally, click Save to complete the proxy settings.

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