Setup ABC S5 Proxy in Indigo

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ABC S5 Proxy - Global Residential Proxy. ABC Proxy intelligent AI technology, regularly update and optimize IP pool to ensure 99.99% availability.

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How to setup ABC S5 Proxy in Indigo.

1. Log in to ABCproxy and click “Recharge”

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2. Enter the country/state/city, from which you want to obtain IP addresses, then click “Search”

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3. Right click on the proxy you want, select “Forward port to proxy”, then choose a port that is free

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4. You can check if the chosen proxy is available in the “Today List” section

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5. Click “Port Forward List” and copy the information (IP address and port) of the proxy you want.

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6. Now open the Indigo client and log in to your account. Start creating a new browser profile by clicking the “New Profile” button

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7.  Set proxy in the profile.

1) Find proxy type and select Socks5 . Then fill in the IP address. 

2) Paste the information in the “Host” and "Port" fields and check proxy. Click Create profile after that.

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8. Everything’s set! Open the profile and get started to work!

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