Setup PIA S5 Proxy in Indigo

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PIA S5 proxy Official website

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How to setup PIA S5 Proxy in Indigo.

1.  Open the PIA S5 Proxy client and 
Set the number of ports you need

Settings > Port Number > Used

1. Set the required number of ports in "Settings"

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2. Filter by country/region/postcode

1. Select the Country you want in "Country"

2. Select the region you want in "City"

3. In "Zip" select the Zip code you want

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3. Obtaining the Proxy IP Address

Start > Select an proxy > Right mouse button > Forward Port To Proxy > 40000/40001...

1. Click on "Start Proxy"

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2. Select an proxy from the list and right click.

3. Select "Forward Port To Proxy" and select a Port such as 40000 from the drop-down list

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4. After selecting the port, the proxy starts running

After the above, you can see the detailed proxy parameters in the "PortForwardList"

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5. Open Indigo app and login into your account. Click Create new profile and set proxy. 

1) Find proxy type and select Socks5 . Then fill in the IP address.

2) Paste the Local IP and port values and check proxy. Click Create profile after that. 

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6. Click Start and open your profile. You can see the main information about your browser profile on the start page (public IP, geolocation, OS, user-agent, etc).

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