Setup PROXYSALE proxy in Indigo

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How to setup PROXYSALE in Indigo: 

Step 1:

Open the PROXYSALE site and login into your account. Choose proxy and copy data (ip:port:login:password). Also, you can export your proxy list in excel or txt file and copy data there. 

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Step 2: 
Open the Indigo client, click "Create New" profile. Enter your profile's name, choose OS and browser. Click Edit proxy settings.

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Step 3:
Select the proxy type you want. PROXYSALE supports both HTTP and SOCKS5. The choice here is HTTP. Paste your proxy data from the site or file. Click Check proxy. It must show that the proxy connection is successful (green text). You can see here public ip, geolocation and timezone of proxy.

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Step 4:
Click Create profile. It's ready to use. Click Start button an start your job.

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